Usually, when we think of slip and fall injuries, we picture someone slipping on the ice or tripping on a crack in the sidewalk. We imagine minor injuries like sprained ankles or a bruised muscle. Often, the first thought going through a person’s mind as they hit the ground is not about how hurt they are, but how embarrassed they are. Many businesses play up that angle with the hope that you will not file a claim. Many will simply deny that the accident happened or deny that serious injuries could have resulted. Unfortunately, however, injuries from falls can often result in broken bones, herniated discs, torn ligaments and result in permanent disabilities and impairments. Some require surgery with pins and plates, and many require months or years of rehabilitation. Our personal injury attorney is sensitive to clients who have had to repeat expensive surgeries to repair the damage of injuries incurred in slip and fall accidents.

The personal injury law firm you choose can make a difference

If you have had a personal injury caused by a dangerous condition that the landowner negligently allowed to occur or caused by inadequate security or a failure to maintain a business, office premises, or other private property properly, we can help. Contact us to schedule a free initial phone consultation with an experienced Washington personal injury attorney.

Dangerous conditions exist everywhere. We have all seen someone:

  • Slip on spilled contents in the aisle of a grocery store
  • Struggle with an escalator
  • Get their clothing caught in a revolving door or escalator
  • Trip on a hidden danger

If you are a parent, you worry about your children being involved in an amusement park accident or injured on a theme park ride, at an unsafe fast food playground, or at an unsafe daycare center.

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If you have been seriously injured because of unsafe conditions on property belonging to someone else, contact a premises liability lawyer for a free initial phone consultation.

We’re paid only if you collect. We take personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis and cover all legal costs up front so that you do not pay attorney fees or costs unless your case is resolved.

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