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If you have been injured in a serious car accident or have lost a loved one because of someone else’s negligence, you need a strong advocate to support you in your healing and recovery. Attorney Christopher Campana is a zealous personal injury attorney who are committed to helping you recover compensation for your personal injury or the wrongful death of a family member.

Located in Austin, our firm is conveniently situated to assist clients throughout the state of Texas. Contact us today to schedule a free initial phone consultation with a personal injury attorney.

The Personal Injury Attorney You Choose Can Make A Difference

When describing the details of your accident or injury to a lawyer, you don’t want a lawyer who is only interested in watching the clock or making sure the meter is running. At The Law Firm, our clients, their families, and what they need to get their lives back on track comes first.

Why The Central Texas Injury Law Firm?

When your life is in chaos, you need a personal injury attorney and a law firm that:

  • Puts you in touch with an actual attorney from the beginning. When you call for a free initial phone consultation you will be put through to one of our attorneys, not a paralegal or other staff.
  • Keeps in touch with you to let you know what’s going on.
  • Returns your phone calls.
  • Will take your case to trial if settlement negotiations fail.
  • No Fee Without Recovery

We take injury cases on a contingency basis and cover all legal costs up front so that you don’t have to pay any attorney fees or costs unless your case is resolved.

If you are unable to meet with us at our offices, we will meet with you in your home, at the hospital, or at a convenient location.

If you are a physician with a severely injured patient who needs to change attorneys, our firm takes no additional feebeyond the agreement made with the first attorney.

Common Misconceptions about Personal Injury Lawsuits

There are many misconceptions about personal injury lawsuits. Sorting through them can be a difficult and time-consuming process. Some of the most common misconceptions include the following:

Medical attention cannot be sought until after you speak to an attorney, or until after your case is settled.

Not true. In fact, getting needed and preventative medical attention is one of the first things you should do if you suffer a personal injury. The timeliness of your treatment may even be a factor in your compensation. Also, documentation by medical personnel can make your case even stronger.

Insurance companies can force you to answer all their questions about your injury.

Also not true. Beyond the initial notification to your insurer that you have been injured, you are under no obligation to discuss the case further without first speaking to an injury lawyer.  Anything you say to an insurance company can become part of your permanent record, and may be difficult to rescind at a later time.

Only the victims of personal injuries are entitled to take legal action.

Completely false. If a victim is a minor, becomes incapacitated, or passes away, another party may be entitled to take legal action on their behalf. Wrongful death suits and damage claims are two common lawsuits of this type.

Do not be misled by false information. Our injury Attorney Campana offers a wealth of information and resources. Their knowledge and skill can help you make a solid case for compensation and settlement.

Common Misconceptions about Accident Lawsuits

Accidents can be confusing on a variety of levels.  First, there is the initial shock and possible trauma.  The victim of an accident must then sift through potential misinformation about how to proceed with his or her case.  Some common misconceptions about accident lawsuits include the following:

I cannot afford an accident lawyer

Actually, your initial consultation with Attorney Campana is free.  We are paid only if you collect.  We take cases on a contingency fee basis and cover all legal costs up front so that you do not pay attorney fees or costs unless your case is resolved.  You may risk losing a great deal more than you realize by not pursuing a valid claim for your accident.

You do not need an accident lawyer if you are the victim of an injury.

This is also a dangerous assumption.  It is unlikely you are aware of all the rules and nuances of the law that surround your accident.  An experienced  personal injury lawyer  will be better able to assess your situation.  A lawyer can let you know if your injuries are the fault of the recklessness, carelessness, or even criminal behavior of another.  They will also be able to tell you the possible compensation you may be able to collect for those injuries.

Your injuries are not serious enough to warrant seeking an accident lawyer

Your injury may seem minor at first.  Perhaps you delayed seeking medical treatment or had more pressing concerns to deal with at the time.  But ignoring even minor injuries is a mistake.   A medical professional should be consulted to determine the possible consequences of these injuries, which you may not see until months or even years later.  An accident attorney can tell you if it is worthwhile to pursue justice for these injuries, ones that may affect your life forever.

You or a loved one may be experiencing a great deal of frustration because of an accident.  Do not add to it by failing to seek a lawyer.  Attorney Campana will devote all the time and attention it takes to make sure you are well represented.

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