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The firm’s car accident attorney has been helping victims of motor vehicle accidents and other cases of negligence in personal injury and wrongful death actions in Austin, Travis County, and throughout Texas. Christopher Campana has represented thousands of individuals who have suffered serious injury, or families who have lost a loved one due to the negligent or wrongful conduct of another.

Austin Personal Injury Law Firm

The firm’s experience in personal injury and wrongful death covers every type of motor vehicle accident, including automobile accidents, bus and truck accidentsmotorcycles and bicycles, and train accidents. We have handled cases involving vehicle rollovers and other serious accidents causing catastrophic burn injuries, traumatic brain injury, or spinal cord injury. In addition, we handle any type of premises liability case where a person was injured due to dangerous conditions on the property of another, as well as cases involving nursing home elder abuse or medical malpractice.

Injury Cases in Austin TX

When an accident or injury occurs, it is essential that immediate measures be taken to preserve and document evidence, investigate the accident or source of injury, and to enable physicians and expert witnesses to evaluate the injury. Christopher Campana knows the proper steps to take to protect and preserve the accident victim’s rights to receive compensation for the damages caused.

Establishing an Attorney-Client Relationship

Of course, the client always comes first, and the firm is equally proud of the fact that it has recovered millions for the victims of negligence and reckless and wrongful conduct. While the firm advocates aggressively on behalf of its clients, at the same time we are committed to offering every client individualized attention, care and compassion. We understand the physical and emotional challenges that must be endured by accident victims and their families, and we work hard to help our clients through this difficult time by concentrating our efforts on achieving a satisfactory result in the courtroom or at the negotiating table.

Explaining Your Legal Rights

People are injured by others every day in the Austin community, and throughout Texas. When this situation arises, those who have suffered because of the negligence of someone else need to make sure that their legal rights are protected. This is best done by seeking the help of an experienced personal injury lawyer, and below you’ll find a brief overview of what someone who has been harmed could face and what sort of benefits an Austin personal injury lawyer could provide.

The Aftermath of a Personal Injury Situation

When someone has been injured because of someone else, the injured party faces an immediately difficult situation. This is especially so when that person has been injured badly enough to require a stay in the hospital. Not only is that person dealing with sudden pain and suffering, but medical bills are mounting, income could be lost and other forms of stress are thrust upon the person who was harmed.


Even after the initial aftermath has passed, the person who has been harmed will generally begin to realize that obtaining justified compensation for the costs and pain endured can be difficult. Insurance companies can refuse to offer a reasonable settlement and in some cases defense attorneys can add to the stress by protecting the interests of their clients.

Years of Experience in Personal Injury Cases

The firm utilizes the latest in computer technology and electronic discovery to efficiently and effectively serve the needs of our clients. We have an established network of qualified experts and investigators to ensure that our clients needs are met. A further testament to our success is the fact the majority of the firm’s cases come about as referrals from former clients and other attorneys who know firsthand the quality of representation provided by our office.

More about Personal Injury Settlements

The amount of personal injury settlement depends on many factors, and there is no fixed value for any compensation package. The amount settled on depends on factors like age of the claimant, severity of injury, net financial loss, medical expenses incurred, medical prognosis, extent of liability, etc. There is no minimum or maximum compensation amount limit set by law, since amounts vary greatly from case to case.

Trial Lawyer

Whether you or a family member are injured in a car accident, slip and fall, food poisoning or any kind of accident, have had a family member or friend die due to the negligence of others, our law office provides quality, experienced and personal legal representation – for all types of personal injury claims. I know that you probably don’t have time in your life for doctor’s visits, poor health and missed time from work. Simply fill in our claim form and one of our staff will be able to asses in minutes if they think our specialists injury lawyers maybe able to help you.

Your Central Texas Injury Attorney

Personal injury compensation is not a lottery win, an injury claim should only be made where accident injuries have occurred that have caused you pain and suffering and/or financial loss. Accidents compensation will not be paid out for near misses (e.g. prescribed the wrong drugs by GP but pharmacist noticed) or a personal injury that does not really affect your life (e.g. a cut on your hand that heals quickly and without fuss). Just because you have been injured does not mean you will definitely get accident compensations no matter how good your injury lawyer might be. Remember, for an injuries claim to be successful you will need evidence from an injury specialist such as a doctor to even begin the accident compensation process. Injuries compensation amounts are based on the actual suffering felt, not on how much money the opposition.

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Personal Injury Lawyer Firm represents victims of Slip & Fall Settlements and Motor Vehicle Collisions, Personal Injury Trials, Accident Benefits, Paraplegic and Brain Injury Claims. We have years of experience dealing with cases in an efficient and effective manner and always with our clients best interest in mind. As a Personal Injury Lawyer, I take your accident seriously. If you have been injured, call us for a FREE consultation. You do not pay any fees unless your case is settled or tried. Our objective is to ensure that you get the compensation you deserve. If you are unable to come to our office, we will make hospital or home visits. NO FAULT does not mean NO RECOVERY! Let us inform you exactly what your rights are and what you are entitled to recover.

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